Maltese Exports

Although Malta is a tiny island with an area of 316 km2 and a population of just under 450,000, it still boasts exports that are enjoyed all over the world. Find out more about them right here.

Ok, so obviously we are going to start with one of Malta’s best known exports, which is of course Cisk Beer. Having been around since 1928, this refreshing beer comes in a number of varieties, perfect for enjoying a tipple to your fancy. The first brewery on the island, it is also one of the most popular drinks there too.

Making up an impressive 30% of all exports, surprisingly electronic equipment is big business in Malta with particular emphasis on custom-engineered electronics. Another surprising export that you probably wouldn’t associate with this tiny island is oil, which makes up over 13% of all Maltese exports.

This next one is perhaps more of an expected one since it is an island after all, and that export is fish.  Important in Maltese cooking, other Europeans love it too and 5% of all exports coming from the island are in fact fish products.

The last one that we’re talk about here is another one that you would never guess and that is pharmaceutical products which is a thriving industry on the island. Malta’s 3rd biggest export after electronics and fish, this is also an area featuring quick growth too.

So as you can see, there is more to Malta than just sun, sea and sand (which are obviously nice too!) – look a little closer and you can see what a hub of activity this tiny Mediterranean island is.

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