About Cisk


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Cisk Export is more than just a beer. It is THE party animal once the music gets pumping, sport is always on the agenda and winning friends and inspiring people is a natural ability.

If you want the technical stuff, the beer is brewed with the all-natural ingredients that create the original Cisk character and produced to continental requirements resulting in a smooth-tasting Premium Lager of excellent quality.

The beer comes packaged in 33cl and 25cl bottles, 25cl slim can, and on draught. Cisk Premium Lager is exported to Australia and the United Kingdom.



Cisk Export Premium Lager won two major international awards in the space of a week, the Gold Medal in the European Style Pilsner category of the World Beer Cup 2002 held by the Association of Brewers in Ohio in the United States, and the Gold Award in the International section of the prestigious Australian International Beer Awards.

“The reason for this double achievement is our unrivalled tradition, a passion for brewing, a single-minded commitment to quality, stringent process controls and the ongoing investment in highly advanced technology. All these elements contribute to the excellence of our beers, which for many years now have been appreciated by Maltese and foreign consumers.

“We are proud that international experts and judges of two of the world’s most prestigious beer competitions across the globe have, once again, officially recognised what our loyal consumers have known for a long time,” said Mr. Louis A. Farrugia, Chief Executive of Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, brewers of Cisk Export.

In winning these two awards, Cisk Export had to compete against some of the leading brands from Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Cisk Export has won other awards in the past, with a Gold Medal in the 1998 Australian International Beer Awards among its most significant achievements.

Cisk also has a presence in Sports with the Cisk Export Beach Soccer Tour running for four years.